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Year End Celebrations

When we make changes to a healthy-eating lifestyle, it most certainly can be challenging. It’s far easier when you are at home because you can monitor what you eat and buy the healthier choices. However when attending dinner parties, lunches, special events or just simply eating out, it is understandable that you may just not be able to resist the temptations.

Life is to be lived, but in order to live your best life, getting healthy is so important. Indulging in treats now and again, only due to this time of year and trying to eat a healthy diet as well, is all about getting the right balance.
We really do understand that taking control of these tempting demons can be extremely difficult, so here are some tips that can perhaps help you out … this happy festive time of the year.

Obviously if you can eat before you attend these functions that would be the 100% perfect thing to do. However I know that this is not easy, so do your very best to chose the healthiest options you can. Find out from the restaurant if you can have whatever you chose without any sauces, preferably grilled.

Try having a quick snack before you go so you will not feel so hungry at the function – have an apple or a rice cake with fat free cottage cheese, this will help so you do not have hunger pangs and will be able to perhaps have a smaller meal.

You can treat yourself particularly if it is a buffet – avoid the chips, crumbed anything and rather look for seafood such as shrimps, in particular shell seafood such as prawns, lobster etc.

At most events or functions there is normally a huge choice of veggies and salads. Just avoid any soaked in mayonnaise or creamy sauces, such as cauliflower cheese. There definitely will be enough options available, for you to indulge in a huge plate of veggies and salad.

Try and steer clear of ALCOHOL but I know this is way easier said than done. If you do partake of Alcohol please stay away from ciders and very sweet drinks, best is Whisky, but whatever you do have at least one glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. I find drinking sparkling water helps a lot, sparkling water with sliced lemon and lots of Ice.

Bear in Mind that the food is actually not the most important part of the function or event, but rather don’t spend too much time near the buffet or bar. Enjoy and soak up the atmosphere, the company and chat away to others.

Remember to satisfy your hunger…. but try doing it with the healthiest choices available. Please also note that it takes 20 mins for your brain and stomach to register that you actually have had enough to eat. Also if you are drinking water as well, this helps to fill you up.

Hopefully this has been of some help to you, but remember “a moment on the lips, can be a lifetime on the hips.”

All I can say in closing is that you should try your best to make as healthy as possible choices and take it very easy on Alcohol, as it is extremely fattening and can also increase your appetite.