Eating Eggs On The HCG Diet System

Are Eggs Good To Eat On The HCG Diet System?

I know that many people are under the impression that Eggs are not good for you – however this is definitely not true, it is merely an Old Wife’s tale. It is like anything or everything eaten in moderation it’s normally not bad for you but obviously this doesn’t apply when trying to lose weight you cannot eat anything or everything however Eggs are good for you so I thought I would just point out some of the benefits. Enhance your health by adding some eggs to your HCG diet now. This simple food is packed with excellent nutrients to boost your well being. Learn more about the benefits of eggs for your body now.

The Benefits Of Eating Eggs

All the benefits of eggs boil down to their nutrient content. Eggs are among the most nutritious foods ever. They’re rich in protein, healthy fats as well as a range of vitamins including vitamins A, B and D. In addition they contain several minerals such as selenium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and folate. They protect your bones Eggs contain calcium as well as vitamin D which helps with calcium absorption. Both these nutrients are a must for good bone health and to protect against osteoporosis. Add more amino acids to your body. A single egg contains six grams of protein but it also contains all the essential amino acids. This helps to keep the body functioning optimally and aids cell regeneration. Yes, eggs are high in cholesterol but, cholesterol in the diet, doesn’t necessarily increase cholesterol in the blood. In fact, eating eggs has been shown to increase the levels of HDL cholesterol, which is linked to lower risk of stroke and heart disease. Aids anaemia. The iron in egg yolk is easily absorbed by the body, making it an excellent choice for anaemics. In addition, eggs contain vitamin C which aids iron absorption and folate which helps your body make new red blood cells. Boost your brain I don’t know about you but this I love …as I am one of those people who often put things in a safe place, which is so safe most times, that I cannot remember where that safe place is….I know this is funny but I am sure this has happened to you at some time or another and its so very frustrating, so every little bit of help I can get for my brain I am taking. Eggs can contain choline, which enhances memory and brain function. In addition, choline is essential for pregnant women as it aids foetal brain development.

So when you get bored and really fed up with those eggs, stop and think again, as they are feeding your body in a good way.


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