Losing Weight With HCG Diet System

How To Lose Weight With HCG

The best way to stay motivated is to have realistic goals, patience, and TRUST. You will lose the expected amount of weight if you stay on the protocol. It is always important to remember the bigger picture and not get caught up in the scale each day.

The thing to always keep in mind is that you are still getting smaller, and losing fat, even if your weight isn’t changing. It really is great to take your measurements before you start, and take them again each week, especially during a stall, so that you can see your progress. When you retake them, you will see how much smaller you are getting. The centimeter loss is absolutely phenomenal.

How Often Should I Weigh Myself During My Weight Loss Journey?

Having gone through this myself I know how the scale can torment you and at times drive you crazy, so I believe that the scale should be put into the cupboard until your clothes are falling off you. Scales lie – especially to Women! Women have fluctuating Hormone levels which interfere with the amount of water retained, and the fat burned or stored, and which also cause bloating, PMS and emotional dips. If you are losing steadily and having a bad day hormonally – as one does – then it will be extremely disheartening to weigh yourself that day.
So please do not obsess and try and stay away from the scale, as it can drive you crazy. ”

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