Fat Burning Jabs – Do they really work?


Fat Burning Jabs – Do they really work?

We at HCG Diet System SA have been helping people lose weight for more than a decade. We can confidently say that our fat burning jabs or injections, whichever you prefer to call them, are without doubt the fastest way to break down excess fat and lose weight. Along with our HCG low-calorie diet plan, these injections have proven over and over again that one can lose as much as 10kgs in only 30 days. Did you know that by losing only 5 kgs – you will drop a dress size?

How do they work?

The HCG stimulates the metabolism and breaks down the visceral fat ( which is excess trapped stored fat, in the body) not the structural fat which is needed and protects our organs. This excess trapped stored fat is then broken down and used by the body as energy and fuel. This is why even when following the HCG diet program, which is low calorie, your body is still getting enough nourishment. There is no loss of energy, no tiredness, no hunger and no mood swings. Although there are many different fat burning injections on the market, the HCG is by far the best.

It’s really up to you – your choice, if you want to shift those excess kilograms now or if you want to continue putting it off and maybe even end up with even more excess weight. Don’t sit on the fence, invest in yourself today and 30 days from now you will be so happy that you did!!

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