What To Do If You Cheat On The HCG Diet


What To Do If You Cheat On The HCG Diet

At some point you may have an oopsy and cheat whilst on the HCG Diet Plan. So if you have cheated once or twice on your HCG diet and eat some food that is not allowed, or maybe consumed too many calories in a single day, you need to lighten up, and realize you have not completely jeopardized your weight loss program.

What Might Happen After you Cheat

If you lucky, nothing will happen. Or possibly, the next day you may have a small weight gain or you may have no weight loss for approximately 3 – 4 days.

How To Fix The Cheat

The following day eat only the protein and vegetables and ditch the melba and fruit entirely. Make sure that you are drinking between 2 – 3l (which you should be drinking anyways)

Don’t beat yourself up too much if you have cheated. Just pick yourself up and continue on the protocol moving forward.

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