Cooking With Spices On The HCG

Can I Cook With Spices on The HCG Diet Plan?

Using Spices to lose weight is one of the easiest steps you can take while on the HCG Diet Plan. As many of you know I am a huge fan of cooking my own foods while on the HCG Diet Plan. In fact, the best thing about the cooking in my eyes, is that it has taught me to explore the use of spices – not just for flavor, but for their health benefits, including spices that actually help you to lose weight particularly while on the HCG Diet.

One of my favourite meals while on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet is a basic green Smoothie. It’s a refreshing beverage option (but filling) using Kale, Spinach, cucumber and green apple. It’s pretty great by itself but I love adding different spices, herbs and seasonings to vary the flavour, help ease a headache (fresh mint leaves) or PMS symptoms (dash of turmeric,) help with soreness or inflammation if you have an injury or sore joints and muscles, Ginger especially to rev up my metabolism in a very natural but effective way. While smoothies are a fast way to get the benefits of these natural spices, I also love cooking with them – whether it’s stir-fry or slow cooking soups and stews. Just a few shakes from my spice cabinet and I can ensure an increased weight loss rate while on my HCG Diet. It’s all about getting creative and you will find meals more tasty and beneficial to your health at the same time.

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