Is Alcohol Allowed On The HCG Diet Plan?

Alcohol On The HCG Diet

Many people doing the HCG Diet Plan want to know whether or not alcohol can be consumed while participating in the diet. While it is not recommended or advised to consume alcohol, it does not have to be completely ruled out. In fact, some people have found the HCG diet to be extremely successful even with the occasional alcoholic beverage being consumed.

Reasons To Avoid Alcohol

The reason why alcohol should be avoided is because it is empty calories. When you are on the HCG diet whether injections or hcg oral drops, your daily caloric intake is drastically reduced, making it that much more important to consume foods that are healthy for the body.

Alcohol Can:

  • Slow down weight loss.
  • Contain empty calories.
  • Contain an overload of sugar, especially when consumed with soda and other high-calorie mixers.
  • Essentially ruin the weight loss from the HCG formula.

Alcohol Options

If you must have a drink, there are a couple options. The first is to have an orange juice and vodka. To reduce your calories to a minimum when having a drink, you might try having a vodka and soda water with a squeeze of lemon. We can also recommend a low calorie white wine with soda water. Even if you do have a drink or two, do not feel like you have ruined your diet. It seems that a single drink does not tend to have a lasting effect on the overall weight loss of the dieter.Once you are finished with the diet, you will be allowed to incorporate small amounts of alcohol back into your lifestyle. For example, you can have a single glass of red wine with your meal to take advantage of the various health benefits of wine. Remember that as a general rule, it’s best to stay away from most forms of alcohol in order to maintain your new, healthy weight in the long run. You’ll feel much better for it, and will notice the cravings diminish overtime.

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