Is The Scale A True Reflection Of My Weight Loss?


Things the sad step CANNOT measure:

  • Your fitness levels
  • Your energy levels
  • Your strength
  • Changes in your body composition
  • Your sense of achievement
  • Your confidence
  • Your happiness

People who have completely transformed their bodies yet the scales have only dropped a few kilos. This can be hard for some people to comprehend because we’ve become so used to measuring our bodies on the sad step (as I like to call it). But if you are training and eating right, those extra numbers on the scales do not mean you are gaining extra fat. You will actually be building lean muscle. Also when you consume carbohydrates they are stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen and more glycogen means more water in the body which can equal outrageous gains on the scales. So please don’t despair if you are not losing on the sad step, if you are happy, healthy and have your confidence back, then who cares what the sad steps tells you!