Does Sleep Affect Our Weight Loss?


Why Sleep Is So Important

Although most experts and books will tell us we need 7 – 8 hours sleep a night. But that does not apply to everyone as the amount of sleep you need really depends on the individual. The Key is how refreshed you feel when you awake, which is influenced by the different types of sleep you get. So if you wake up refreshed then you know you are getting enough sleep.

Consistently skimping on sleep is known as “sleep debt”and missing half an hour here and an hour there soon adds up if you regularly miss having enough sleep needed for your body even these small amounts, can lead to weight gain, as your metabolism starts slowing, your mood will fall and the risk of you feeling depressed increases for every hour of sleep missed.

How Seasons Affect Our Sleep

We sleep differently in summer than we do in winter and the reason for that is ambient light. Many of us tend to wake earlier in summer because the sun rises earlier too but that often means we don’t feel tired, since natural light suppresses the secretion of sleep-inducing melatonin. If you need to sleep later in the mornings as you perhaps work flexi hours or night shift it would be a good idea to have black out curtains or blinds.

Tips For A Good Night Sleep

Factor in some “Me Time”. If you don’t have a pre-bed routine and find it hard dropping off, try incorporating 30 minutes of “me time” before sleep. Whether its a relaxing warm bath, to read, meditate or listen to soothing music
a bridge between a hectic day and winding down toward relaxation can aid a good nights sleep. Small little consistent changes can soon help you to get the best nights sleep which is so very important for the body and mind to function well.