Summer is Here

Summer is Here

We are encouraged to stay out of the Sun’s harmful rays, but then how do you get enough of the ‘SUNSHINE VITAMIN ‘ and why is it important?

Sunshine – Vitamin D

There has been so much research into Vitamin D over the last decade or so and with good reason. It has become the nutrient of the decade. The ‘sunshine vitamin’ has plenty of health benefits that we simply cannot ignore.


Your brain and nervous system rely heavily on Vitamin D for support. It helps build up your immune system enabling the body to better fight off disease. It strengthens Bones too.

Vitamin D reduces Depression

I could list so many health benefits of Vitamin D or health problems due to A lack of Vitamin D but I thought at as everyone here is interested in weight loss I would just mention one factor that’s relevant. Vitamin D boosts weight loss in a clinical study in Europe it was proven that those people taking a CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT and VITAMIN D lost more weight than those subjects taking a placebo. Scientists said the extra Calcium and Vitamin D had an appetite-reducing effect. So yes take care and use protection in the Hot Sun but get outside and get your daily Sunshine Vitamin D.