Skinny Genes

Skinny Genes

Is there such a thing?

How many times have you heard about those ” Lucky Skinny People” who can eat and drink whatever they like and not put on any weight? Some of us even know a few people just like this!

When we ourselves are overweight and struggling to lose weight, it seems so unfair that some people have those Skinny Genes and yet we just have to look at a Donut and we put on weight.

These are the type of things one should not dwell on because unless you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you really do not know what they are going through or what their life is like. They probably have challenges in many other areas of life – life is a roller coaster, up and down and yes being overweight and trying to lose weight, is a challenge, but then with every challenge in life , we grow and flourish.

What we can do is decide to hold on tight and ride the Roller Coaster which is life, by living our best, most healthy life!

Your weight loss challenge is your own journey, Do It For You!!