Getting started on the HCG Diet System











Getting started on the HCG Diet System

Making a change is never easy, we are creatures of routine. Many of us are happy to just carry on in our comfort zones but no one ever achieved anything worthwhile without making change, determination and huge effort.
If you want something badly enough you will make that change and commitment.

Why you might find the first few days difficult

Breaking those bad unhealthy habits is most certainly not easy and the first couple of days on the HCG Diet Protocol you might find difficult, you will need to be determined and focused. But do not stress the great news is that it gets easier as soon as your body adjusts to the HCG and the new way of eating.

Here are some things you might experience

Please don’t stress it will become so much easier as the HCG builds up in your body and you adjust to the eating plan. It actually becomes easy!!

Hunger is not always really hunger your body is an incredible machine and can go through so much change and will still survive. Distract your mind with something else and this will help you overcome and keep the hunger at bay. The mind plays the most important role here …so focus on your WHY….Why do you want to lose weight, why you want to look good, why you want to feel healthier etc. Drink lots of water keep yourself hydrated because often it’s really not hunger you are feeling, but rather your body needs hydration. Prepare and plan in advance, clear out all the junk food at home so you are not putting temptation in your way.

At the end of the first few days you are going to be so thrilled with your results and this is all the motivation you will need to inspire you going forward.

Nothing worth doing is easy but oh so worth it!!

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