hcg Lose Weight Fast

hCG Lose Weight Fast

hcg diet resets the hypothalamusIf your aim is to lose weight fast, there is a process you will need to go through but don’t worry, it is simplicity itself and happens automatically when you are on the hcg lose weight fast diet system.

Huh! What are you talking about?

What I mean by that is  hypothalamus (an organ in the brain) is the organ that controls the endocrine organs which makes everything works properly in your body.

When this gets out of sync, i.e. it becomes used to instructing your body to store all additional calories (the excess calories which are not needed to survive daily) in a “fat bank”, it then becomes a problem to lose weight fast.

In order to get the hypothalamus instruct the body to start using these fat reserves in the “fat bank” which are normally stored on your belly and thighs, you need to go on a special diet which starts off with a special detox diet (for three days) in conjunction with daily doses of the hcg hormone (human chorionic gonadatropin) which is administered via injection or oral drops.

After this initial period you will then go onto our specially prepared 800 calorie per day diet which obviously is not enough to sustain you. This is when the hcg starts working it’s magic and it is for this reason that the hcg diet is called the miracle diet. It is not a miracle diet, what is happening is that because the 800 calories are not enough to sustain you, the hypothalamus instructs your body to start using the excess fat you have stored as fuel for you to survive.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] This is why the average weight loss for the first 30 to 50 days on this diet is so dramatic!

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Typical weight loss in this period is half to one kilogram per day.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Furthermore, because your excess which stored on your belly and thighs is now being used to sustain you, the reduction of centimeters in these regions is particularly noticeable!

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] In other words you start looking good from day one of this diet because of the dramatic reduction of your stored fat.

Word-of-mouth has been the HCG diet’s biggest advertising tool, with men and women booking appointments at a half-dozen clinics in Franklin, Nashville, Murfreesboro and Clarksville offering the hormone — and the 500-calorie-a-day food plan that goes with it.

Critics call HCG an unhealthy starvation diet at worst and a psychological boost at best. They expect the diet to join legions that have enjoyed booms and busts, including cabbage soup, Atkins and hoodia. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s position is the hormone does nothing for weight loss.

But don’t tell that to Katie Wilkinson, a Nashville chef who started the diet after seeing a friend’s success. She tastes her cooking and spits it out — willpower she says comes from the hormone produced by pregnant women.

Wilkinson lost 30 pounds in 40 days, grazing on fresh vegetables and a daily portion of meat no bigger than a bar of soap. In two rounds of the diet, she lost a total of 48 pounds.

Another believer, Lisa Kolodziej of Nashville, went on the diet in August and lost 35 pounds in 40 days.

“I never would have tried a 500-calorie diet,” Kolodziej said. “They say it’s not healthy to do that, but I was flabbergasted at how the weight was just coming off.”

HCG diet’s effectiveness debated in obesity battle

Lose Weight With Hcg In South Africa

So if your goal is to lose weight and keep it off without doing lots of strenuous exercise or punishing workout, the hcg diet system is perfect for you. It has been used by innumerable people around the world and now South Africans have access to this remarkable weight loss product. Every member of our staff has used this product with great success and we have literally hundreds  of satisfied clients that will attest to how well this diet has worked for the and   that it helped them to lose weight fast.

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