How do I deal with Constipation on the HCG Diet Plan?

How do I deal with Constipation on the HCG Diet Plan?

In this post we are going to do our best to deal with this problem and give you the very best recommendations that we can.

In many cases weight gain on the HCG Diet Protocol is blamed on constipation, when actually it’s not really correct at all.
Unless of course you are one of the very few people who haven’t had a bowel movement in a very long time, we have clients that suffered with this problem, as well prior to starting the HCG Diet Protocol. If you have been fully committed and following the HCG Diet Plan correctly, the amount of food you are consuming daily is very small and therefore the amount of waste produced by the body is really minimal. As they say very little in, very little out!

However not everyone is the same, we are all unique individuals and our bodies don’t always produce the same results or function exactly the same as other individuals. Even though every person is different, the majority of people following the HCG Diet Protocol are going to find that their bowel movements are not going to be the same as they were prior to starting on the HCG Weight Loss Program. Everything you are eating now, including the daily calorie amount is completely different and therefore it is quite normal for one not to have a bowel movement everyday. This is actually quite okay and nothing to be concerned or stressed out about, in fact most HCG slimmers cope with this very well and find it not necessary to take any action. Believe me when your body is ready it will expel the waste. Most slimmers find that once they have completed the program the bowel movements return to normal.

How Much Water Are you Drinking?

Staying Hydrated and consuming enough water daily is absolutely critical – one should drink plenty of water even if not dieting, especially with the weather becoming warmer now but on the HCG Diet Plan you should definitely be drinking at least 2 – 3 litres of water daily and if you can drink more all the better. The reason this is so important is because you need to be well hydrated, to flush out the toxins, the fats and excess sodium/salts etc. Being well hydrated is absolutely critical – you do know, that you could survive for days without food and having only water. As many very famous adventurers and explorers have proven in the past.

Water helps the body function normally and one of these is it keeps the bowel movement soft during the weight loss diet.
Let’s face it you are eating a lot of bulky, fiber filled foods on this weight loss plan and for some of you this is very different to your normal eating regime. Fiber rich foods are really great constipation relievers and encourage the bowel movement, because fiber is really not very digestible, however it is a myth that fiber only is enough to keep our bowel movements regular and go more frequently. It is absolutely necessary to be taking in enough water on a daily basis as it prevents these bulky fiber filled foods from accumulating in the digestive system. Drinking an adequate amount of water helps things move along, literally.

On the HCG Diet the food intake is very healthy but also very limited (800 calories per day) therefore it is of the utmost importance because we have cut down on calories, to make sure you keep the balance in the body with plenty of water intake.

There are certain fruits that are very useful when you have this kind of problem with your tummy and eating them will definitely help. Like Strawberries, Apples, Apricots, Peaches…

If really necessary and you do feel that you need to take something then I would recommend Agiolax or Movicol.