Important Points To Remember On The HCG Diet

Points to remember on the HCG Diet Plan

The In’s and Out’s of the HCG Diet Plan

  • You may eat between 500 and 800 calories per day
  • You may eat 3 portions of fruit per day, nut one portion must be an apple
  • There is a restriction on the amount of protein you can have, however you can have unlimited amounts of veggies/salad to make up the rest of your calories allowed for the day
  • If it’s not on the list, you are not allowed it.
  • Snacks are optional, not a must
  • You may have zero calories jelly in unlimited amounts
  • One has to eat regularly to lose weight. Skipping meals is considered cheating
  • It is vital to take a before picture, weigh yourself and measure yourself. This will motivate you.
  • Two main meals may be replaced by a protein shake. We recommend the Liposcult Meal replacement from Rozess which can be purchased directly from us or the Weight control protein shake from Biogen which can be purchased at Dischem.
  • Leave more than 4 hours between main meals – and no meals after 8pm
  • No fat, oil, milk or alcohol for the duration of the diet. (Not even low fat or fat free milk, this will spike your insulin levels)
  • Spray and Cook, Coconut oil and sweetener may be used.

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