Keeping the Weight Off with HCG Diet System















Keeping the Weight Off with HCG Diet System

There is always the fear regarding working hard to lose the weight with the HCG DIET only to put it all back on again after completing the HCG DIET PROTOCOL. They are preparing to finish their diets and are heading into the maintenance phase and life beyond the HCG DIET.

Maintaining your weight loss is indeed very possible and obviously we want all of our clients to maintain their weight loss and you most definitely can. I know this from my own personal experience having lost 34 kilograms and 5 years later I have managed to keep it off! So don’t stress or be concerned you can maintain your weight loss after the HCG Diet and here are a few tips to help you do just that!!

HOW TO PREVENT gaining the weight back

Be aware of the food labels most of the time we have no idea how many calories we are eating until you keep track of all the little bites and snacks you have throughout the day. Just because something is labelled low fat doesn’t mean it’s not full of sugar. You have already made huge lifestyle changes whilst on the HCG DIET and have a very good idea of what is the healthier choices …so think before you just pop something into your mouth. There are so many healthier options available to us it’s just a matter of choosing correctly. You don’t have to deprive yourself.
The statement “everything in moderation” really does apply.


Start the day right, ensure you get some exercise into your daily routine even if it’s just a good walk …or a workout at the gym. Yoga, Pilates, Dancing etc. Exercise really helps to maintain weight and the bonus is that it keeps you healthy and strong.


It’s always easier if you have a plan or some kind of menu drawn up for the week Try not to keep junk food at home then you do not put temptation in your way. Remember there are always healthier choices available it just takes a bit of thought and planning. Even if eating out there is always something on the menu that is healthy.


Starting your day with good healthy choices supplies energy and will help you stop grabbing for those fattening muffins etc mid morning.


Buy fresh produce wherever you can and not the processed packaged meals that Are full of hidden fats, sugars preservatives etc. It always a good idea to have healthy snacks to nibble on such as carrot sticks, sliced apples and even a few almonds on hand. This way you won’t be tempted to nibble on unhealthy foods.


You have lost all this weight and do not want to gain it back. We obviously cannot diet for the rest of our lives but even if you do over indulge or have a very unhealthy meal, you can continue and make your next meal healthier. Don’t have the wrong attitude!! Look after your body.

Having one bad meal or even a bad day doesn’t mean you should just throw caution to the wind …think about how good you look and feel now you are slimmer and get back on track to eating the most healthy meals you can.