Myths and Scare Tactics about the HCG Diet















Myths and Scare Tactics about the HCG Diet

I was inspired to write this post to clarify a couple of things about using HCG. It annoys me when people are so negative about the HCG Diet Program and make unfounded stupid remarks. I have so many clients who have changed their lives by losing weight using HCG and could not be happier. I personally am most certainly proof of this HCG diet protocol changing my life.

However you hear many scare tactics and incorrect information about HCG.
For example “The HCG Diet could ruin your thyroid and your metabolism for life and you will never be able to lose weight on your own without HCG again” People make these statements and when you ask them how do you know this will happen? They stumble and stutter and reply “Oh well ….er …uh …I don’t have any proof just something I heard.

Please don’t be fooled by what you hear

It’s five years down the road and I have kept the weight off using HCG and so have many others.

5 Negative Claims Made About the HCG Diet
. It will ruin your thyroid
. It will ruin your metabolism
. The above will prevent you from ever losing weight again on your own.
. It’s a starvation Diet and you will just lose a bunch of muscle.
. You will regain the weight because of the above.


I’m not saying that HCG is always the right choice for everyone but if you are struggling and unhappy with your weight and want to see results pretty quickly then certainly the HCG Diet is for you. The HCG Diet like anything can be abused and if not used properly then you really cannot expect to achieve the maximum weight loss results.

In reply to these various unfounded statements –

I reduced my thyroid meds by more than 70% and yes it may be as a result of many things other than the HCG but definitely the weight loss I achieved using the HCG had a lot to do with this.

Let’s move onto the ruined metabolism forever …Really?

What a load of nonsense! Yes we need to eat and keep our Metabolism functioning well but that doesn’t mean we can’t reduce calories and eat healthy or follow a diet plan. In fact it has become popular in these times for people to do intermittent fasting and certainly they have not damaged their metabolism. Let me clarify – your metabolism will
Slow down if you fast for a length of time but most people don’t! Even if you did it’s not permanent and doesn’t mean you are damaging your body. There is now so much literature and information available about fasting and it’s benefits, in fact there has been a great deal of research and proven facts about the benefits of intermittent fasting. You will battle to lose weight again, after taking HCG  …well this is just such an ignorant statement it actually is …just completely untrue.

Starvation Diet …

Well obviously people who say this don’t know what starvation really is and certainly don’t know the full facts behind the HCG. The HCG attacks your own excess fat reserves breaking it down and using those fat reserves as energy and fuel.
At the same time you are consuming 800 Calories per day on the diet. So you are most definitely not on a starvation diet.

You will regain the weight

It’s like any diet you do need to stabilise in order to maintain your weight loss. Having lost weight with the HCG protocol you definitely learn to make healthier food choices and from my own personal experience I cannot eat the large amounts of food I used to consume daily. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy food but I don’t live to eat but rather eat to live.

At the end of the day, let’s face it being overweight is not healthy, it destroys your self esteem and can cause serious depression. There are so many different ways of losing weight and improving your health but in my opinion there is nothing that can compare to the HCG Diet.

I hope you found this interesting and informative and you can feel more at ease  because all these negative statements are completely incorrect and you can quite safely, lose a lot of weight, quickly using the HCG Diet Protocol.

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