Little Tips To Help You Make Meals More Exciting













Little Tips to help you make meals more exciting

I know it is not easy whilst following a diet plan but if you use your imagination a little and even perhaps try and prepare beforehand it makes life so much easier. Even if you simply do not have the time to prepare here are some helpful tips for food preparation.

Use Tab or Sprite Zero to cook food in for example sweet and sour chicken stir fry with vegetables using Tab, Vinegar, Herbs and Garlic.

Food can be steamed, grilled, stir fried, boiled or fried in Spray and Cook or Coconut Oil.

A good non stick frying pan is an essential.

Use the Provita/Crackerbread from your daily allowance to make crumbed chicken or add crunch to a salad or yogurt.

Use Lemon Juice to give the food some extra flavour.

Add sweetener to add taste to meals and to sweeten yogurt

A Salad dressing can be made-up by combining Vinegar, Herbs, Water and sweetener.

You can make up soups, curries and stews by combining your condiments, herbs and water.
Even using Royco Lite Cup a Soup

Please do take advantage of the many delicious recipes we supply and if for any reason you do not have the recipes simply let us know and send your email address.