Sugar Vs Sweeteners

Artificial Sugar: Are Sweeteners Better Than Sugar?

One of the greatest debates in nutrition is whether or not artificial sweeteners are something that is safe and beneficial to include to your diet. It has been studied for decades and in the previous years, most have concluded that artificial sweeteners are something that we should avoid consuming.

List of Artificial Sweeteners

  • Aspartame
  • Sucralose
  • Stevia

Is Normal Sugar Better For Me?

If you’re consuming an entire meal and there are some foods that contain a good amount of sugar, your insulin response and blood glucose levels will be something you don’t need to be worrying about. However, if an individual is obese or in an insulin resistant state, that individual should pay attention to their sugar intake. A negative of sugar, is that sugar is not very filling and is an easy way to consume way too many calories. If you’re trying to gain weight or possibly put on some mass, having a little sugar isn’t bad. If you’re trying to lose weight, sugar is definitely not going to make it easy.


Whatever source of sweetener you decide to choose can all depend! As a rule of thumb, artificial sweeteners should not be something to avoid. They can be immensely helpful in having someone stick to a lower calorie diet while satisfying that unrelenting sweet tooth without adding a bunch of empty calories from sugar.


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