Tips And Guidelines for The HCG Protocol



Practical Guidelines

If you want a simple easy to follow list this is for you
Commitment is a pretty OBVIOUS component of any successful weight-loss program. You need to commit to changing your lifestyle habits in order to make significant changes to your body. We all get this, right?
The current trend – and this is a big problem – is that people have no problem committing to a diet plan, but they commit with a serious catch …
INSTANT Gratification – please do not obsess or drive yourself crazy give the HCG a chance to build up in the body in order to produce the most effective maximum results.
Even though with the HCG Diet System Plan you will see changes quickly because it works in a fraction of the time that other diet programs do.
The thing is, most of our bodies are under such a high level of assault every day from our lifestyle and environment that with most other diet plans we should hardly expect to see results soon. Not to mention that, just like EVERYTHING ELSE, our bodies are resistant to change because change is HARD.If you want to see very effective results then there is not better solution than the HCG Diet System. If you adhere to the recommended low calorie diet we supply then within a month you can be 10 kilograms lighter and have lost many centimeters. If you want to lose more than 10 kilograms using the HCG and following the program then you should realistically stick with it for 8 weeks. Allow your body some time to get into the new routine and make the adjustments necessary to make change happen.
Commit to ONE idea for a while, like the HCG Diet and It WILL work for you.

HCG Diet Tips

  • Drink at least three litres of water nothing can be better for you than drinking lots of water (a part of which can be unsweetened black tea/ herb teas/ coffee) per day
  • Eat according to the HCG Diet Plan which includes Protein, fruit & veggies and very low starch.
  • Eat Eggs
  • Eat no junk foods and sweets, one can have lean biltong instead.
  • Eat less food than you think you need as the HCG is using your abnormal fat as fuel and energy so you do not need to eat more than we recommend.
  • Prepare and plan as this makes it so much easier to stick with your diet 100%

The thing is, the best diet ‘tips and tricks’ are also the easiest ones. They involve getting the basics of human nutrition and health right, and if you’re not doing these consistently then losing weight is going to be virtually impossible.
If you stick with the HCG Diet program I know you will not be disappointed. If you can do these things day in and day out then you will be on the fastest track to losing weight. Simple. Get the basics right and don’t sweat the small stuff!
The weight will come off.

Do Not Cheat

One of the biggest mistakes made by dieters is that they tend to feel like they have fewer choices than they actually have about what they eat. I want to set you free from feeling limited today.You have the right to refuse to eat anything that you don’t want to eat. When you’re on diet it becomes incredibly important to exercise this right regularly. What am I talking about? Say it’s a colleague’s birthday: You really don’t HAVE TO have a slice of cake just because it’s HER special day, do you?

You also have the right to request menu changes at restaurants, or even to request items that don’t appear on the menu (within reason). For example a Lean Steak and Salad without dressing. Grilled Fish, salad or stir fry veggies provided they are not cooked in butter or oil.

At the end of the day if you make a conscious effort it will truly just become part of your lifestyle.
If you stick with the HCG Diet program I know you will not be disappointed.


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