Tips To Stop Mindless Eating

Tips to Curb Mindless Eating

Most of us today lead very busy lives. and therefore eating quickly and snacking on the run, have become the norm. Eating without paying attention, to what and how much we’re eating can lead to a host of health problems, such as weight gain and low energy levels.
What makes it even more difficult nowadays is that we are faced with an abundance of readily available snacks and fast foods. Another problem is eating while running around, multi-tasking etc. Distractions such as the TV, computers, tablets and smart phones that distract us from the act of actually eating healthy and correctly.
When my own children were growing up it was a rule in our home that we would all sit down together for dinner. This was really the only time, that we could all spend together (particularly during the week) to chat with one another and have meaningful good quality time, with the entire family present.
I am so grateful for this as now my adult children have continued this very same tradition with their families, which is really important. Sitting down at the table having a leisurely meal helps you to enjoy and focus on what you are actually eating and you will find pleasure in your food by savouring every little bite. Use a smaller plate (side plate) when eating your meal and you will be surprised that it makes you feel as if you are having quite a lot to eat. Fill up on the veggies and salad, it really is enjoyable and satisfying. Have water readily available at the dinner table as it is so good for everyone to drink and it will become a habit, once you start drinking water at dinner time you will find that your body starts to crave it.

Being aware and present like this will definitely stop you from eating too much or eating the wrong foods.
Be like most Europeans who enjoy every meal as they make it an enjoyable family event, something to look forward to.