Top Tips for Burning Fat

Top Tips for Burning Fat

Burning fat is a difficult concept for some- whether your just starting a weight loss journey or looking to shed those last few kilos. Did you know your body actually doesn’t want you to be lean and the body stores fat for survival reasons, so that in time of crisis, it can just break down fat stores and provide adequate sources of energy to survive.

Eating enough protein is so important when trying to lose fat and maintaining muscle, because you need to keep your muscles fueled all the time. Remove all foods from your home you may be tempted to edat, like snack foods and sweets. Anything is OK in moderation, and a cheat here and there is fine. However, many people have a difficult time with temptation and moderation.
Green tea should be your beverage of choice while on a fat-cutting plan. This health elixir will help to rev your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories daily. Green tea is also loaded with healthy plant chemicals. Green Tea will help to reduce the tissue damage that can take place while dieting and still doing intense workout programs, helping you feel better as the fat-burning process hums along.

Sleep is another underrated part of a proper fat-loss program. If you aren’t sleeping enough, your insulin sensitivity will decrease, which means that hormones will be less effective at shuttling glucose from your blood into cells, where it belongs. So what does your body do? It pumps out more insulin, still hoping to finish the job. The problem is that insulin is also a fat-storage hormone. And since your cells will be starved for glucose also means you’ll encounter carbohydrate cravings and lousy workouts.

A great technique to try if you struggle to cut back on your food intake is to drink one glass of water before each meal. Reasons to drink more water:

  • Staying well-hydrated makes sure your metabolism runs at its optimal. Even slight dehydration makes it sluggish and tired.
  • The water will fill you up, therefore prompting you to take in fewer calories during the meal.
  • It’s refreshing and can help combat food cravings, making it easier to choose healthier foods for your meal.
  • Add a slice of lemon or orange to your water glass and you’ll often find that the taste you had for whichever food you desired has passed.

A Take Home Message

When trying to lose fat ignoring one of these  factors may mean a lot of your hard work is going down the drain. Make sure you plan your methods of fat loss and track your progress- that way you can show us you’re results and see where your going wrong!


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