Can Breastfeeding Mothers use the HCG Weight Loss Program?

Can Breastfeeding/Nursing Mothers use the HCG Weight Loss Program?

There is no doubt after many years of research and scientific evidence, overwhelmingly recommends and confirms that breastfeeding gives significant health benefits to mother and child and undoubtedly is the ideal feeding and nurturing method for infants.

Breastfeeding also has immense health benefits for Mothers as it assists the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy and reduces Post-Partum bleeding as well as assisting with weight loss. However, the majority of females find this is not enough and desperately want to lose the weight they put on during their pregnancy. Which can often leave one feeling very uncomfortable and frustrated. With all this, it’s not surprising that we are often asked if the HCG Diet is safe for women planning on or currently breastfeeding.

Homeopathic HCG Drops vs HCG Injections

Nursing or breastfeeding Mom’s can use the Homeopathic Drops but NOT the Injections. We do offer an adjusted eating protocol for breastfeeding moms, we advise that they skip phase 1 which is Detox, as the calories are simply way too low in his phase. Also, the body is flushing out toxins and impurities during phase 1 – therefore it is not recommended for Nursing Mothers.

However, if you are struggling with little or not enough milk supply to nourish your baby then we do not recommend you take the HCG at all. First and foremost is your little one’s wellbeing and once you have stopped breastfeeding you can always lose the excess weight with us at HCG Diet System SA.