hCG What To Expect

hCG What To Expect On The hCG Diet System Fast Weight Loss Protocol

Thank you for your interest in our program and congratulations on taking the first steps to a brand new you.

This will be your last diet ever.

Our comprehensive hCG hormonal slimming program is a modern take on the program originally developed by Dr. ATW Simeons who devoted much of his life to finding a cure for weight loss. In recent years there have been many adjustments to his original protocol.

[boxibt style=”info”]We currently follow a protocol created by an endocrinologist from the USA who has over 25 years of experience in treating metabolic disorders making our system one of the most updated and successful protocols on the market.[/boxibt]


[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] The main objective of the program is to raise leptin levels in your system.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Leptin is a hormone that is formed in your fat cells and controls your entire “fat-metabolism”.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] It is also responsible for the control of hunger and cravings.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] If your LEPTIN level is LOW your body tends to store food as fat and you don’t feel satisfied easily.

The use of daily hCG injections plus the specially prepared diet protocol causes your body to attack the abnormal fat deposits whilst leaving the structural fat and fat reserves in place to keep the body healthy.

This process mobilises the abnormal fat into the blood stream to be burned off as energy and puts anywhere from 1500 to 1800 calories in your system per day.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″]  This allows you to utilize a low calorie diet while still maintaining your strength and energy levels.

The hcg protocol and eating plan is about more than just losing weight and looking good on the outside. It is about changing how our bodies look inside and thereby avoiding or reversing the lifestyle diseases that will make you feel tired, age you and steal your health.

Our program can be used by men, women and children who have reached puberty (around 13-16 years old) with no reported unsafe side effects.

What Can I Expect From The hCG Diet System?

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Experience Amazing Fat Loss without EXERCISE

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Fast results (2.5 kg/week average!)

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Lose centimeters AND kilograms, FAST

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Crushes hunger & melts your unwanted fat

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Attacks stubborn fat deposits and firm up lean muscle

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Faster metabolic rate better oxygen delivery to all cells

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Better oxygen delivery to all cells

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Form lasting eating habits & keep the weight off

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Improved sense of well-being

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Fewer mood and energy swings

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Increased clarity of mind

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Lower cholesterol levels

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Helps prevent thrombosis

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Eases premenstrual tension

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Helps to alleviate migraine headaches

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Helps to relieve arthritic pain

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Regulates hormonal imbalances

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Aids those suffering from high blood pressure, eczema, arthritis and strokes and much much more…

Similar programs sells for upwards of R2500 per month in popular slimming clinics but not here!

From us you will receive:

Real prescription strength HCG for doing HCG via injections or orally as Dr. Simeons has intended. A 1 month supply of lipolytic HCG injections (powder, sterile water and mixing syringe)

Comprehensive Diet guide

109 page Recipe book with a 23 day meal planner

Weight loss trackers

Stabilization plan

Full support throughout your transformation process

Includes alcohol swabs, insulin syringes and shipping

1 x month for R1200

You may also select the hCG drops if you simply cannot deal with needles at the same price.