HCG Friendly Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

HCG Friendly Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

This mayo is delicious on a tuna salad, or chicken breasts.


1 whole egg & 2 egg whites
½ small lemon juice
Pinch of salt & white pepper


Add these all to a food processor or blender and combine, once
combined leave the food processor/blender on low.
Pour 1 cup of coconut oil in a thin stream into the mixture so that
it can emulsify.

Once it has emulsified you have the option of adding 1 Tbsp of
plain yoghurt to help preserve the mayonnaise for up to a month.
Store in the fridge in a glass container.

The mayonnaise is thinner than most people are used to, it does
help to portion control it in food, and you only need up to 2 Tbsp
per serving.

OPTIONAL: Add 1 Tbsp of mustard powder to the mixture before
the oil.