HCG Phase 3 – Stabilization Plan


Now its time for Phase 3 – Stabilization Plan 

Before you start this phase you must continue with the Meal Plan(phase 2) with the 800 calories per day diet, without using the HCG injections or drops. DO NOT skip this phase as it is critical for your weight loss to be a success and not to gain the weight back or fluctuate up or down the scale. This phase 3 is just as important as the Fat Burning stage, it is crucial for resetting the Hypothalamus Gland, which controls your metabolism and the endocrine system of the body. You must weigh yourself every morning upon getting up and after using the bathroom.
You must eat 3 meals a day, you may increase your meals in size and quantity, as long as you follow the rules (which are supplied in our Diet Booklet)
You may resume a normal exercise regime if you have not been exercising already.
There will be many things that you no longer crave as a result of the metabolic shift that takes place after a course of HCG.

How To Make Healthier Choices

For healthy maintenance of your weight follow our instructions but be committed to make healthier choices than you did in the past, you can still enjoy life whilst watching and being careful about what you put into your body.
It’s time to reflect and continue living with healthier choices.

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