Has Your HCG Weight Loss Hit A Plateau?

What does it mean to “hit a plateau”?

I had been chatting to one of our fellow HCG Shrinkers today and she was very concerned because her weight has stood still for the last 2 days. She seemed very concerned and even stressed because after only a week on the HCG diet program she had already lost 4 kilograms, which is brilliant but now she was worried because her weight had not moved for the past two days. After explaining to her what it could be, it made me realise that there might be others out there experiencing this very same temporary hiccup.

What do I do if my weight loss stalls?

When you first start this weight loss journey with HCG it can be difficult to believe the incredible amount of weight loss in such a short time. However despite this extraordinary weight loss you can then very often hit what’s known as the HCG stall..but no need for panic as this is normal and in many cases completely unavoidable.
If you know you have been following the diet strictly and drinking enough water then you have nothing to fear.
It is only temporary and the body will rectify itself and you will start losing weight again but in all likelihood even although the scale may not have registered any loss you will still be losing fat because you are still losing centimeters. So don’t be despondent be happy. In fact read my next post which is about Realistic WEIGHT LOSS GOALS which explains many different factors to take into account and you will understand and feel
Much more confident and at ease about your weight loss.

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