Is your Body Retaining Too Much Fluid?

Is your Body Retaining Too Much Fluid?

Warning Signs

If you notice that parts of your body is swelling at times, without a particular reason or medical condition. It can be be simply excess fluid due to a change in your lifestyle or condition. Picking up the signs that your body is retaining fluid and understanding why and what can trigger this fluid retention can help you decrease inflammation and swelling all around.

It’s awful that bloated feeling so getting to the cause of it ahead of time can help save you from the stress and concern thus causes. Please remember when your body is retaining water, the number on the scale can creep up and you will be weighing more. Which is the last thing you want whilst following the HCG Diet Protocol after all you are doing this to Lose Weight!

When you are retaining excess fluids and retaining more water weight than normal, it will make you feel very insecure, pudgy, quite the opposite of how you want to feel everyday. Holding this excess fluid does not however equate to kilograms but you might feel a lot larger than you really are simply because of the appearance of the fluid itself on the exterior of your skin.
Please don’t let it affect your confidence.

Here are a few ways to know if your body is holding onto too much fluid and needs to decrease its inflammatory response.


If you’re eating a high sugar diet, which will even include natural sugars, such as fresh fruit, you might be holding on to excess fluids. Make sure you follow proper portion control instead and be sure to drink enough water.

Eating Salty Foods

If you are eating a diet high in salt, which you might not even be aware of as it’s hidden in many foods, such as cured meats, packaged soups, breads and condiments, you will become dehydrated. This will cause you to hold more water and be inflamed.

Irritability & Stress

If you are very grumpy, anxious and stressed during the day, you’re going to make excess cortisol. Which in turn will increase inflammation and water retention in the body. Try to find ways to cope with and manage the stress and anxiety, such as yoga or meditation.

Injuries and Sore Joints

If you have an injury or sore joints or muscles you’re probably going to be showing signs of inflammation, which can then lead to excess water weight and a very sluggish metabolism.

Chronic Fatigue

If you feel totally drained, tired and exhausted all the time, it could mean your body is under stress and overworked, which will cause you to hold onto fluids. If you are actually not sleeping, that will increase cortisol levels and slow the metabolism. All of these can contribute to making you more bloated.

Whilst on our weight loss program you will adapt to a new way of eating and this in turn change your eating habits and will also get rid if the excess fluids. We start off with a 3 day detox, which helps get rid of all the toxins and impurities out of the body and reduces water retention.
This is one of the most important portions during our weight loss program, as this prepares your body for the weight loss journey ahead.