Motivation-Keep A Journal

Why Is It Important to Keep A Weight Loss Journal?

I think back sadly to when I was hugely overweight and can’t believe that I actually let myself become so obese.
It’s frightening the state that I was in. I had stopped looking in the mirror because it just made me so sad.

I happened to find my journal which I kept during my weight loss journey and these little tips were so helpful whilst I was on my weight loss journey that I thought I would share some of them with you. I just jotted down my thoughts on a daily basis took it one day at a time and set myself small goals, as I had so much weight to lose I couldn’t imagine or even think about how much weight I had in total to lose…so I set small realistic goals for example losing my first 5 kilograms and focused on that. When you have a lot of weight to lose, like I did (close to 40 kilograms), 5 kilograms doesn’t seem such a lot but pick up something weighing 5 kilograms and you will realise that it is indeed heavy.

What else can I do to Help my weight loss?

I learnt to ask myself was I really hungry or could I just be thirsty? Hunger can mask itself as thirst often when I was feeling peckish I would have a large glass of water instead and 15 minutes later I would not feel hungry. Water is natures super food so drink lots of water always, not only when dieting. I jotted down what it would feel like to buy clothing at a normal shop. I even pasted pics of how I wanted to look ..kind of like having a vision board. One of the biggest benefits and motivating factors for me was being able to travel on a plane and be able to sit with the table out without my tummy pushing up against it! I know to some this may sound silly but honestly it is the most embarrassing thing when you have such a huge tummy that the seat belt doesn’t fit and you can’t really open the table in front of you – I loved travelling but so dreaded the journey.

Some Other Things That May Help You Aswell

Go for a walk instead of eating or call a friend and have a chat. When I felt the urge for something sweet to eat – I always had a huge bowl of sugar free jelly in the fridge and would enjoy this special treat.

I definitely believe that keeping a journal was one of my biggest motivating factors that continuously kept me on track and lead to my very successful weight loss.

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