Weight Loss Goals

Set Yourself Up for Success

Well planned Goals can help you convert your thoughts into action.Here’s how to create successful weight loss goals. Weight loss Goals can mean the difference between success and failure.Realistic. well-planned weight loss goals keep you focused and motivated. They provide a plan for change as you transition to a healthier lifestyle.
But not all weight-loss goals are helpful.Unrealistic goals can undermine your efforts. Big Goals can be the Outcome goals and this is what you hope to achieve in the end, long term, to lose a certain amount of weight, and this is Great to have this Goal.

However your weight-loss goals should be split up into smaller steps. Small progress goals like staying on track today and eating the correct foods as laid out in our diet plan, taking it one day at a time, is another small step to your eventual outcome Goal. Drinking enough water each and every day is another small progress Goal.
Perhaps taking a walk for 15 – 20 mins daily or every other day, this too is what is known as a progress Goal.
Feeling happy and proud of yourself as you are making changes and taking steps to a healthier lifestyle, this is another progress goal.

Keeping a Journal

Keeping a Journal and the first thing to list is the benefits of losing weight.

Then make a list of the disadvantages of not making the change to lose weight and become more healthy. You will see that the list of benefits far outweighs the disadvantages and it is very motivating to read this list every few

Jot down your thoughts daily and you will soon see how this challenge is becoming easier and easier day by day.
It will take you no longer than 5 mins a day – its kind of like writing your own story about your weight loss journey but believe me, it always motivated me personally and helped me to stay on track, in order to successfully lose 34 kilograms.
When you get despondent or feel a little down, or think you simply cannot resist that cupcake or a piece of your colleagues birthday cake ….. reading through your journal will actually be inspiring and get you back on track and have you raring to achieve that end ultimate weight loss goal.