The Benefits of a High Protein Diet

The Basics of Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for proper bodily function. It provides the structural building blocks (amino acids) for countless physiological mechanisms, including: healthy bones, hair, hormones, skin and tendon development, improved sleep rates, lowers blood pressure, and improved mental cognition.

High Protein Diet For Energy

Protein can alternatively be utilized as fuel in times of energy deficit as well. When the body lacks glycogen or stored energy in the form of adipose tissue, the body can undergo the process of gluconeogenesis and proceed to break down the amino acid profile of ingested proteins, subsequently using them as metabolic fuel. This process can be incredibly beneficial to those looking to lose weight, as they will undoubtedly be restricting either their carbohydrate or their fat intake (both of which serve as primary energy sources).

So whether you are a dieter, a bodybuilder, an alternative fuel-seeking individual, or simply a person eager to improve their health, a high-protein diet is an unparalleled way to approach a new-found health venture.