What Vitamins Should I Use On My Weight Loss Journey?

What Vitamins should I use on my weight loss journey?

This is a question I get asked a great deal. I therefore thought it best to clarify a few things for you all. The HCG Diet Protocol is actually scientifically formulated and wouldn’t normally require any special vitamins or supplements. However I know many people have their daily vitamins and supplements, that they take, but in case you are unsure here is some helpful information, regarding assisting you during your weight loss journey.

These supplements would help accelerate your weight loss and make sure that you stay healthy during the HCG weight loss protocol. The 1st phase of the HCG and any diet for that matter is preparing the body and cleansing the system. This will help your body adjust to the new healthy way of eating during the diet plan and and produce good results. It is a preparation stage for your rapid weight loss.

The following is very beneficial to take during this first phase. You can include laxative teas, apple cider vinegar/ liquid or capsules and pro-biotics.

Water is the absolute best way to cleanse your system and you should be having at least 3 litres of water daily. Consuming enough water on a daily basis is most important not only when trying to lose weight. It is one of the miraculous fluids that can be taken at anytime and costs nothing, you will be amazed at the benefits of water in general.

The Phase 2 – it is important during this stage not to just take any supplements that you might think are fine because some vitamins and or supplements can hinder your weight loss. This stage of the diet plan has been specifically formulated to give you the maximum weight loss results without causing any lack of energy or lethargy. (This is something that is explained in another article about the benefits of HCG – remember the excess trapped stored fat is being broken down and mobilised to nourish your body in addition to the healthy eating diet plan)

Supplements or vitamins are only recommended when you feel tired or fatigued during the diet program. The most common vitamins recommended at this stage of the plan are magnesium – like Slow Mag is a great one and then of course potassium. If you want a multivitamin to take during Phase 2 you should get FoodState Multivitamin or Reduvit. (available at Dischem)

Phase 3 – this is the stabilisation stage of your weight loss program whereby you are introduced to the easy way to keep your weight off by eating healthy and correctly. During this phase we learn how to keep our weight controlled at a plateau and you may continue to use the FoodState or Reduvit vitamins, as in Phase 2.