Beat The Belly Fat

Beat The Belly Fat

This is one of the most complained about areas on our body, belly fat. Wouldn’t most of us just love nothing more than a flat firm tummy and in most cases especially after having children, we find we no longer have that flat tummy we once did and with age it seems that we collect more and more excess fat around the midsection.
Below I am going to explain why so many people struggle with belly fat.

What is the best way to lose weight, particularly the belly fat?

There are two powerful hormones that are generally to blame for your bulging tummy. These are Insulin and Cortisol. To reduce that “spare type” around your midsection you need to get both of these hormones under control. The majority of people today live with far too much of each in their systems. It is however important to note that the body needs both these hormones to sustain health, drive and a number of natural processes. The problem is in most instances is an excess of both causing that belly fat.

Understanding Insulin

Insulin helps to control blood glucose levels by signaling the liver, and muscle and fat cells to absorb glucose from the blood, where it is either used for energy production or stored to meet future energy requirements. If the body has sufficient energy, insulin signals the liver to take up glucose and store it as glycogen. When glycogen stores in the liver and muscle cells are full, any excess glucose is stored in fat cells. The problem that most people have is that a diet high in processed carbs and sugar, over many years, has blunted their insulin response, as more and more insulin is produced to deal with a constant stream of glucose in the blood.
Over time the insulin receptor sites in muscle cells, fat cells and the liver lose their responsiveness to insulin, so the pancreas keeps producing more and more. Eventually this leads to metabolic diseases such as insulin resistance, Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.It is also a major driver of excess body fat particularly around the mid-section (stomach) and the rest of the body.

Understanding Cortisol

Cortisol is made by the Adrenal Glands in response to stress and anxiety. It can be a trauma, emotional stress, work stress, diet stress or even a lack of sleep.If you suffer with a great deal of stress, or anxiety or are one of those people that worries constantly, it leads to an excess of cortisol in the body. This is detrimental to your health as it depresses the immune system, impairs carbohydrate metabolism, breaks down muscle tissue ( which in turn lowers the metabolism) and thereby contributes to weight gain.

Thankfully nowadays some people understand this and accept that insulin and cortisol are major causes of ill health and weight gain. However the majority of us are not aware nor have we been educated to these facts.

So what do we do about it?

We all need to take steps to get these hormones under control at healthy levels. This means drastically reducing your consumption of refined and processed carbs and sugar, restoring your insulin sensitivity through diet and better managing stress. This is why the HCG is more than just a Diet Protocol it is also a tool to help you get back your health.

I really hope that this article about belly fat has been informative to you and you can understand now why so much weight gathers around the belly …Do not wait one more day join us at HCG Diet System SA, get your hormones under control and lose the weight and belly fat once and for all.

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