Best Meat Protein For The HCG Diet System

What are the best meat proteins for the HCG Diet Plan?

Protein is a very important part of your eating plan when doing the HCG Plan. Here are some meat proteins that we recommend.


Although considered a red meat, venison animals are extremely active so there is very little fat you’ll find in their meat. With a 6 oz serving giving you 51 grams of protein , venison is actually one of the leanest proteins.


The most basic and cheap of all the lean protein sources. This white meat is an incredible source of lean protein and helps keep you fuller for longer.

Although it can be bland at times, try adding some flavor without adding a lot of calories or sodium by grilling with some peppers and onions. With 50 grams of protein per 6 oz serving, chicken needs to become your best friend when prepping your meals.


For some ostrich will take some getting used to but can be something you crave from time to time when cooked correctly. A very lean meat and at 48 grams of protein, ostrich will be a nice release to the mundane life of just chicken.

Beef Tenderloin

Beef and red meat in general is something that most health-conscious folks usually try to steer clear of due to the high fat content. But what they don’t know is how lean that they can actually get some various forms of red meat (i.e. Beef Tenderloin).

The tenderloin is one of the leanest parts of the cow since it’s getting more work than other parts of the animal. Eating a version of red meat is also very high in iron, a crucial micro-nutrient that explodes muscle growth. When the fat is trimmed well by the butcher, a 6 oz tenderloin can give you 52 grams of protein. Remember though, we recommend only having this a maximum of twice week.

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