Hunger … It’s a thing we all think we know. But do we really? What’s the longest you’ve been without food? A day? How would you feel if you didn’t eat for 48 hours? The thing is, humans can go for quite a long time without food. So what is that rumbling feeling in your tummy three hours after breakfast every day? We call it hunger, some people will even say “I’m STARVING”.

If you want to lose some weight you need to understand what’s really happening here.

Regular meals

We’re all taught from an early age to BE hungry every few hours by well-meaning moms who want to feed us because they know that while we are growing we need to eat regularly. So we come to associate small cues in our bodies as hunger because they coincide with these meal times. But the rumbles you are feeling are likely just the reorganisation of materials in your digestive system, or even more likely, your body asking for water.

So the weight loss hack is this:

Think you’re hungry? Drink a giant glass of water and wait ten minutes. Still think you’re hungry? Offer yourself the option of an apple perhaps or some carrot sticks, cucumber slices. If you want those things have them – you may just be hungry. If you don’t, you’re just bored.

Eating because you’re bored is not good for your diet.