HCG Friendly Chicken Patties On The Braai


HCG Friendly Chicken Patties On The Braai

It’s Braai Season! Don’t worry you too have enjoy your meat braaid! Try these delicious chicken patties on the braai.


100g raw chicken breast, minced finely
1 tbsp water
1 grissini bread stick
1/4 teaspoon paprika or cayenne pepper for some spice
Salt and Pepper
Parsley for garnish


Crush the grissini bread stick into breadcrumbs adding a little salt and pepper and the paprika/cayenne
Divide the minced chicken into approx 3-4 balls.
Using the water to coat the chicken balls, roll them into the grissini breadcrumbs flattening them into a patty
Place on the braai
These patties can also be put under the grill in the oven or pan fried in a little coconut oil