It Is Important To Drink Water Even In Winter












5 Reasons to drink water in the water months too

Many of us feel we don’t have to drink as much water in the winter months than we do in the summer months. This is not true at all. It is just as important for our bodies to drink water in the winter.

Fight Winter Dehydration

As the weather creeps in, we find ourselves wrapping up in layers and turning on the heaters. The artificially warm environment is coupled with the dry air of artificial heating which leads to winter dehydration.

Improve Your Skin

The dry air created from central heating and heated air-conditioning can really take its toll on our skin. The dry air and the contrast between being in a warm room to going outside in the cold can cause your skin to crack and chap.

Be More Energetic

Are you partial to the mid-afternoon slump or in need of a midday caffeine boost to help you ward off fatigue? It is likely you are suffering from dehydration, a major cause of daytime fatigue.

Fight Winter Weight Gain

When the weather is miserable and the days are dark our bodies want comforting; often this manifests itself in comfort food – often high in calories and unhealthy. Before tucking in, why not drink a glass of water beforehand? Our brains often mistake thirst for hunger and after drinking water that hunger trigger has been satisfied. This means you may not feel the need to snack or eat more food and can resist the temptation easier.

Protect Your Immune System

The winter months can be a testing time for our immune systems, with the many airborne viruses that we all seem susceptible to. Dehydration can weaken our immune system barriers. The lack of water can dry out the mucous membranes in our lungs and sinus passages which can reduce their resistance to infections.
Keeping well hydrated during winter ensures that the barriers used to protect your body from colds and flu are fully functional and completely intact.