The Big Culprit – SUGAR

The Big Culprit – SUGAR

Well there are really not many people out there who are not aware of the dangers of Sugars.

Having too much sugar in your diet really can cause a great deal of serious conditions. Heart Disease, obviously weight gain, diabetes and a list of other, perhaps less serious conditions. The problem is the body consumes sugar and digests it much more quickly, which does not offset the hunger pangs for very long indeed. This can lead you to eat more throughout the day.

Another important mention here is that milk contains sugar which causes your insulin to spike and can negatively affect your weight loss results. These are just some of the main reasons to avoid sugars and why they are not allowed on the HCG Diet Protocol.

If you follow our guidelines and understand the HCG Diet protocol, then you can look forward to losing 10 kilograms and a phenomenal amount of centimetres in only 30 days, whilst using our Amazing HCG and following the Diet Plan.

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