Weight Loss – When You Eat vs what you Eat

Weight Loss – When You Eat vs what you Eat

An important factor that affects your weight loss is not just how many calories you eat, but When you eat them…
Your daily biological clock and sleep regulate how the food you eat is metabolised. Therefore the choice of burning fats or carbohydrates changes depending on the time of day or night.
This is according to research at “Vanderbilt University”

How to burn fat in your sleep

Your Body’s circadian rhythm has programmed your body to burn fat when you sleep, so when you skip breakfast and then snack at night, you delay burning the fat.

The timing of meals during the day/night cycle, therefore, affects the extent to which ingested food is used versus stored.

This is why we specify on the HCG Diet Program not eating later than 8.00pm

So, if you want to lose weight, skip the late-snack and make sure you eat a healthy breakfast.