How to eat less by eating more protein.

How to eat less by eating more protein.

There are lots of reasons to eat PROTEIN at breakfast. Protein helps keep you full and satisfied until lunch time. And a new study suggests it might even help curb snacking at night.
If you keep up with the latest in dietary advice, you can probably list a good few reasons why protein is such an important nutrient.

It is necessary of course to help you build and maintain your muscle mass and it’s also known to be much better at filling you up than either fat or carbohydrates. That’s why we suggest that our HCG slimmers aim to have a good source of protein, at each meal. The idea is simply this…. high-carb meals don’t stay with you, while higher protein meals can help control hunger from one meal to the next.

But here’s something else. A recent study suggests that a high protein breakfast not only helps control your appetite until the next meal, it might also reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks in the evenings.

Update your protein

Here are some suggestions to try, all of which will give you about 25 grams of protein.

A protein Meal Replacement Shake mixed with chilled water, which you can also add some chopped fruit to.
(We have one of the lowest calorie/kilojoules Shakes available and they are delicious as well.)

A portion of Plain non-fat cottage cheese with sliced cucumber or fruit and some chia seeds.

Eggs – scrambled, boiled, poached, or make a yummy omelette. (Eggs are the Champion of breakfasts, but obviously one can get tired of eating eggs all the time)

Yogurt and some chopped fruit

Good sources of Lean Protein can help you to feel full and satisfied during the day which can help to curb the cravings so you lose weight steadily.
Not only does protein improve satiety – that feeling of fullness- but lean protein also helps stabilize blood sugar, provide immune support and helps you to maintain a healthy metabolism.

This is why Protein is so important to us all but particularly if you are trying to lose weight and slim down.

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