You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat

It’s not about eating less but rather eating nourishing foods so your body can Thrive not just survive! “You are what you eat” and never was this more true than now in the 21st century. The quality of food we are consuming has been stripped of most of the good nutrients minerals and vitamins. Either because of forced growth methods pumping the poultry, meat etc with hormones or if not this alone the packaging. Eating less does not mean more nourishing not at all. Changing your lifestyle to lose weight can be very tough but it does not mean under eating. You must be eating on a regular basis and should not skip meals. When on the HCG diet you should always consume the recommended protein as protein is filling and very important for nourishing the body. You can have an unlimited amount of the veggies we recommend.

Eating regularly

Eating regularly keeps the metabolism running and remember you are putting the right kind of food into your body so it can Thrive. Keeping your body nourished with the correct foods as we recommend then reboots the Hypothalamus Gland which is such an important gland that controls our appetite, our mood, sends signals to stabilise our blood sugar and most importantly produces the feel good natural serotonin in our brains.

Counting calories

Please don’t be too concerned about calories although the HCG Diet Protocol is 800 calories per day for example if you ate the same amount of calories in chocolate as you did in Broccoli there is a huge difference in the nutritional value of the broccoli. Counting calories is not always a good indication of what’s actually going into your body particularly if you are eating the wrong foods. For example you could eat a full Plate of Broccoli and it would only be roughly 60 calories but this fills you up and is actually nourishing your body at the same time – Broccoli may not be a favourite of yours but it truly is a super food. You need to adopt a new healthy way of eating it’s not only about eating less and losing more but most importantly nourishing your body. So please eat for nourishment and Thrive …get munching on those veggies.

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