HCG Phase 2 For Vegans And Vegetarians

The HCG protocol for Vegans and Vegetarians

We get so many clients wondering if it’s possible for vegetarians to do the HCG Diet because of the restrictions on the types of food you can eat. The good news is yes, vegetarians can safely do the HCG Diet. Here’s everything vegetarians need to know about adjusting the protocol to go meatless.

Protein Options

Eggs – Eggs are allowed on the HCG Diet for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A serving of eggs on the HCG Diet is 1 hole egg and 3 egg whites.

Cottage Cheese – Fat free cottage cheese can be used as a protein serving on the HCG Diet. A serving of cottage cheese is 100 grams. Cottage cheese should be used sparingly on the HCG Diet because it can cause stalls. The first time you try it, monitor your weight carefully.

Veggie or black bean burgers
These can be one of your staples unlike cottage cheese. They don’t seem to give too many problems as far as slowing weight loss down or causing stalls. Just make sure you get the non-breaded kind.

Approved Protein Shakes – The approved protein shakes are also allowed on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet for vegetarians. They are one of the fastest options because the protein mixes with water. Each serving contains 8-10 grams of protein, and they will definitely help you feel full throughout the day.

Important about Soy Products

Eating soy products like tofu can slow down weight loss on the HCG Diet. While they aren’t prohibited, we do recommend eating them in moderation. Soy produces estrogen which can affect they way your body burns fat. Typically people who limit their tofu to once or twice per week avoid stalls, but results vary person to person.

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